Dumani: SPAK seized 41 mln euro in one year

The head of SPAK, Altin Dumani is reporting to the Law Commission regarding the annual report of the special prosecution. He said that a total of 41 million euros of assets were seized while adding that the total number of detainees on account of the special prosecution is low. “Properties worth 41 million euros have […]

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Albania Upholds Ethnic Greek Mayor-Elect’s Vote-Buying Conviction

An appeals court confirmed the conviction for vote-buying of Fredi Beleri, mayor-elect of Himara, whose case has caused a diplomatic row between Tirana and Athens – potentially barring him from Albanian domestic political life for two decades. Original post Here

With court recognition of Berisha-led DP, main opposition party shows signs of unity 

TIRANA, June 25, 2024 – Ending years of turmoil, a court has placed Albania’s main opposition Democratic Party officially under the control of the faction that has the most support among voters.  The decision means the state-recognized seal and funding will now shift from the minority faction led by Lulzim …

A Turkish citizen arrested in Kapshtica, is expected his extradition to Instanbul

A 50-year-old man from Turkey, sentenced to over ten years in prison for the production and sale of narcotics, was arrested at the border crossing point in Kapshtica. He was arrested at the entrance to Albania and arrested by the Narcotics Investigation Section of DVP Korçë, with the aim of …