Kosovo’s aim in the dialogue with Serbia is mutual recognition

Enver Hoxhaj, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo who is attending an international conference on peaceful solving of conflicts “Experiences of Balkans, lessons for Ukraine,” which is being held in Zagreb, Croatia, said that Kosovo’s main objective of the EU-facilitated dailgoue with Serbia is mutual recognition.

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Man who shot police officer claims to be ‘pentagon commander’

Klered Bozhanaj, the 42-year-old who was arrested for the attempted murder of the police officer, Edlir Alleshi, has been re-interrogated by the investigative team. His statements to the police have raised even more suspicions that he suffers from mental health problems. As he was asked about the circumstances and the …

Minister concerned over usage of nitrius oxide balloons

The use of new drugs, mainly by young people, has worried state structures. The Minister of the Interior Taulant Balla says that in addition to cannabis, a nitrous oxide balloon is a new substance, which is turning into a trend of use by young people in Albania. He says that …

Two call center employees arrested, two more wanted for fraud

Another case of deceiving foreigners through call centers located in Albania has been discovered by the police, as announced this Friday. In the framework of operation coded “Momentum”, it was possible to arrest two people and two more of the four administrators in a call center subject were announced as …