Kosovo’s PM introduced tax on Serbia to stop President negotiate borders, says ex negotiator

Former head of Kosovo’s delegation in technical dialogue with Serbia, Edita Tahiri, says the Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has decided to introduce tax on Serbian goods, as a tool to stop the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels headed by President Hashim Thaci who is promoting an idea on correction of borders between the two countries. Haradinaj is opposing Thaci’s idea on redrawing borders saying this will lead to new tragedies.

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Kosovo’s opposition leader wants a broad-based Government

Chairman of the biggest opposition party in Kosovo, LDK, Isa Mustafa, asked creation of a broad-based Government based on political balance in Parliament. He said the LDK holds the biggest number of seats in Parliament granting the LDK the prime minister’s position. Original post Here

Kosovo’s Haradinaj slams Austria for supporting redrawing of borders

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj says he knows reasons why Austria is supporting partition of Kosovo. Haradinaj recalled the weeding of Austrian Foreign Minister in July 2018 reminding that one of the wedding guests was Russian President, Vladimir Putin, whose country also is pushing forward the idea on redrawing borders …

Kosovo Golden Girl Confirms Domination, wins Gold in Düsseldorf Grand Slam

Kosovo judoka, Majlinda Kelmendi, Rio 2016 Olympic champion and two-time world champion, claimed the Gold Medal at the Düsseldorf Grand Slam 2019 in Germany. Kelmendi dominated all of her opponents. Original post Here