Serbs feel safer in Pristina than in northern Kosovo, says Rada Trajkovic

The director of the NGO “European Movement” and former Kosovo MP, Rada Trajkovic, said that the case of killed Kosovo Serb politican Oliver Ivanovic remains unsolved and the northern part of Kosovo is ruled by mafia. She said that Kosovo serbs feel safer in Pristina than in northern part of Kosovo which is inhabited mainly by Serbs.

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Former PM of Kosovo: Our partners do not trust as before

Former Prime Minister Isa Mustafa still sees the situation in the north of Kosovo as fragile. In a direct conversation with the studio of Tirana Live, on ABC News, Mustafa said that he does not expect any reflection from today’s meeting between Albin Kurti and US and EU officials, Escobar …

Debates in the Assembly, Manastirliu: The judiciary should do their job

The arrests in the Ministry of Health caused debates in the plenary session today. Minister Ogerta Manastirliu said that the institution she leads distances itself from this event and that the judiciary must do their work, it seems emphasized that the responsibility is individual. “My position is firm and clear. …

Republicans seek laws against russian, chinese presence in Albania

Chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, has addressed this Monday in the Assembly the concern of Russian and Chinese influence in the Balkans. In his speech, Mediu said that the Assembly should not act as if Russia and China have no influence in Albania, but should adopt laws that …