Soltes: EU to keep promises and grant Kosovo visa liberalization

Member of the European Parliament and standing rapporteur for Kosovo, Igor Soltes, says Kosovo has met all required criteria for it to have granted a visa free regime for Schengen. He calls on the EU to keep its promises and liberalize visas for Kosovars. Soltes made the call after the EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said on Monday that that visa liberalization for Kosovo will be delayed until 2020.

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Situation calm in the north after Kosovo Parliament vote on Army

The Kosovo Police Deputy Director of Mitrovica North station, Besim Hoti, told Gazeta Express the situation in northern part of Kosovo is calm and the police is acting based on an operational plan drafted earlier. Kosovo Serbs gathered in Mitrovica North to protest Pristina’s decision on transforming the Kosovo Security …

EU regrets Kosovo’s move to form an army

The European Union’s foreign policy chief has expressed regret over Kosovo’s move to form a new army. The Parliament of Kosovo has passed on Friday legislation on transition of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into an army. Original post Here

Government congratulates citizens on Kosovo Army

The Government of Kosovo has congratulated citizens after the Parliament passed a package of laws enabling transition of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into an army stating that the army is the final step on consolidating country’s statehood ten years after declaration of independence. Original post Here