Collaku: Serbia to be blamed for slowing clocks in Europe

Relevant world media are reporting that a dispute between Kosovo and Serbia has apparently slowed digital clocks around Europe—and it may have been going on for close to two months. Twenty-five countries on the continent are connected in an electric grid that runs on a synchronized frequency. The frequency is responsible for keeping time on many devices, such as digital clocks, oven clocks, and central heating timers—though not smartphones, according to BBC News. But since mid-January, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, or ENTSOE, reports that the system frequency has deviated, causing delays of up to six minutes on clocks on the grid.

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Greece and 6 pro-integration of the Balkan countries in EU

Seven countries have addressed a letter to the European Union requesting the fastest possible integration into the Western Balkans Union. The letter, which is addressed to the heads of the institutions of the union, bears the signature of the foreign ministers of Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia …

SPAK investigations with EPPO/ Fiscal evasion with damage of 195 million euros in 17 countries

The Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK) has developed an investigation, in cooperation with foreign authorities, for tax evasion. According to the investigations, extended to 17 countries, including Albania through evasion, they have caused a damage of 195 million euros. In Albania, checks were carried out in 5 premises and laptops and …

Bayraktar drones, Peleshi: Defense capability increases

Bayraktar drones have arrived in Albania. Through a post on social networks, the Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi, says that since two days, the assembly has started and at the same time, the installation of the supporting infrastructure for their operation and control is being carried out. According to Peleshi, …