Collaku: Serbia to be blamed for slowing clocks in Europe

Relevant world media are reporting that a dispute between Kosovo and Serbia has apparently slowed digital clocks around Europe—and it may have been going on for close to two months. Twenty-five countries on the continent are connected in an electric grid that runs on a synchronized frequency. The frequency is responsible for keeping time on many devices, such as digital clocks, oven clocks, and central heating timers—though not smartphones, according to BBC News. But since mid-January, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, or ENTSOE, reports that the system frequency has deviated, causing delays of up to six minutes on clocks on the grid.

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Albania MPs Back Motion Asking Greece to Scrap War Declaration Law

Albania’s parliament has passed a declaration urging Greece to abolish an old law declaring a state of war between the two countries – a relic of the Second World War. Original post Here

Abolition of law of war with Greece/ Assembly approves the draft declaration of PDIU

Assembly approved with 96 votes in favor and none against the PDIU’s statement on the abolition of the law of war with Greece. The draft of the PDIU requires the Albanian parliament to engage with the Greek parliament, so that such a law no longer exists. In view of this, …

“The law of war with Greece”, Idrizi: Has no place in the relations between the two countries

In the Assembly, the draft statement proposed by PDIU on the abolition of the law of war with Greece is being discussed. The President of PDIU, Shpëtim Idrizi, says that the law that is still in force brings negative effects between the two countries. “This statement is proof of our …