Kosovo President hires US firm to improve image internationally

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, has contracted a US company aimed at improving his image internationally. According to Kosovo news outlet Insajderi the President’s Office confirmed the contract on the night Kosovo MPs launched an unexpected initiative to undo The Hague based international war crimes court. Thaci’s name is mentioned as one of the potential inditctees of this Court, which has been established to investigate and try alleged crimes committed by the KLA. During the Kosovo war in 1998-99 Thaci was political representative of the Kosovo Albanian rebel army which fought against Serbian military and police forces.

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Kouchner ready to take a role in Kosovo-Serbia reconciliation process

Former foreign minister of France and chief of UN Mission in Kosovo – UNMIK, Bernard Kouchner, exprewssed his readiness to take a role in the reconciliation process between Albanians and Serbs. Original post Here

Parliament Presidency convenes on Wednesday to discuss demarcation

Kosovo Assembly Speaker, Kadri Veseli, has confirmed that the Government has proceeded to Parliament the Draft Law on ratification of the Agreement on border demarcation between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Montenegro. He confirmed Palriament’s Preisdency will convene on Wednesday at 16:00. Original post Here

Shwendiman assures his departure will not delay indictments

The Specialist Prosecutor David Schwendiman announced his imminent departure from office, effective 31 March 2018, fueling speculations that filing of the indictments by the Specialist Prosecution Office might be delayed. But in a statement to Gazeta Express Schwendiman assures that the work of this institution will continue and he left …