Kosovo Serb charged with war crimes

The Special Prosecution of Kosovo has on Thursday filed an indictment against Kosovo Serb who is suspected of committing war crimes against Albanians in the village Krushe e Vogel in March 1999. The indictment was filed by an international prosecutor. On 25 and 26 March 1999 113 people in the village of Krusha e Vogel, in the Prizren region were killed in one of the worst massacres of Kosovo war.

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Begins the investigations for the explosion in Lushnje

The investigative team from the Fier prosecutor’s office has “landed” at the place where the explosion occurred in Lushnje. that killed two people and injured seven others. Journalist Ermal Vija reports that there are also police officers and OSHEE engineers at the scene to determine the cause of the explosion. …

Lezha celebrates the 580th anniversary of the Covenant

Within the framework of the 580th anniversary of the Treaty of Lezha, a number of activities have been organized in the city. Dozens of citizens have gathered to commemorate one of the most important dates in history. Some young people are dressed in folk clothes, while a man dressed as …

Powerful explosion in Lushnje, one of the injured leaves the hospital

One day after the tragedy at the warehouse construction site in Lushnje, the injured are leaving the hospital. Sources from the Lushnje hospital inform that a 17-year-old left for his apartment during the night hours after receiving the necessary medication. He had received superficial injuries and the doctors saw fit …