Kosovo Serb charged with war crimes

The Special Prosecution of Kosovo has on Thursday filed an indictment against Kosovo Serb who is suspected of committing war crimes against Albanians in the village Krushe e Vogel in March 1999. The indictment was filed by an international prosecutor. On 25 and 26 March 1999 113 people in the village of Krusha e Vogel, in the Prizren region were killed in one of the worst massacres of Kosovo war.

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Albania MPs Back Motion Asking Greece to Scrap War Declaration Law

Albania’s parliament has passed a declaration urging Greece to abolish an old law declaring a state of war between the two countries – a relic of the Second World War. Original post Here

Abolition of law of war with Greece/ Assembly approves the draft declaration of PDIU

Assembly approved with 96 votes in favor and none against the PDIU’s statement on the abolition of the law of war with Greece. The draft of the PDIU requires the Albanian parliament to engage with the Greek parliament, so that such a law no longer exists. In view of this, …

“The law of war with Greece”, Idrizi: Has no place in the relations between the two countries

In the Assembly, the draft statement proposed by PDIU on the abolition of the law of war with Greece is being discussed. The President of PDIU, Shpëtim Idrizi, says that the law that is still in force brings negative effects between the two countries. “This statement is proof of our …