Overnight explosion rocks Mitrovica North

A powerful explosion rocked Mitrovica North on Thursday night after an explosive device was thrown behind a residing house at ‘Car Dusan’ street. ”There are no injured,” Besim Hoti, the Kosovo Police deputy commander in the town told media.

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Kosovo’s PM urges serbian criminal groups to stop attacks in North

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has called on Serbian extremists and criminal groups to immediately stop attacks, in order to continue free and fair elections. This call by PM Kurti was issued on the social networks, after Monday evening’s meeting with European and American emissaries Miroslav Lajçak and Gabriel …

“Opposition is in a dramatic situation”, Topi: The citizens do not have a representative

Former president Bamir Topi has declared that the current opposition is non-existent.  Invited to the show “Good morning with Bashkim Hoxha” on ABC News, he said that the citizens have no one to represent them and this is a big problem. According to Topi, there is no opposition, but only …

Ferry, five boats blocked on Koman lake

A ferry and five boats built in an artisanal manner that were operating in Lake Komani, were blocked this Tuesday by the police, after checks carried out as part of the police operation coded “Komani”. According to the police, the ferry was unregistered with the tax authorities, had unregistered employees, …