Rade Serbedzija ‘interested’ to play Kosovo hero Adem Jashari

Kosovo film director and screenwriter, Luan Kryeziu, who is making final preparations for shooting a feature movie depicting the life of the Kosovo hero Adem Jashari, a founding member of the KLA, says Croatian actor Rade Serbedzija was offered to play the leading role of the Kosovo hero.

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Debates in the Assembly, Manastirliu: The judiciary should do their job

The arrests in the Ministry of Health caused debates in the plenary session today. Minister Ogerta Manastirliu said that the institution she leads distances itself from this event and that the judiciary must do their work, it seems emphasized that the responsibility is individual. “My position is firm and clear. …

Republicans seek laws against russian, chinese presence in Albania

Chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, has addressed this Monday in the Assembly the concern of Russian and Chinese influence in the Balkans. In his speech, Mediu said that the Assembly should not act as if Russia and China have no influence in Albania, but should adopt laws that …

KAS request to CEC to open the ballot boxes for the Municipality of Belsh

The Complaints and Sanctions Commission (KAS) will ask the Central Election Commission to reopen the ballot boxes for the Municipality of Belsh. The decision was taken at the meeting held this Monday, where the two members of KAS, Ledio Braho and Elvis Çela, made the request. Meanwhile, KAS decided to …