US message on Kosovo Army: No one has the veto on Kosovo’s security

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Wess Mitchell, is visiting Pristina today. After meeting Kosovo President Hashim Thaci at International Airport of Pristina he sent a strong message on establishment of Kosovo Army. Mitchell said that no one has the veto on transformation of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF).

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Redrawing borders returns tragedies, says Kosovo’s PM Haradinaj

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj says he hopes a peace treaty will end disputes between Kosovo and Serbia, noting that discussion of borders returns the region into the past and tragedies. He made the comments addressing EU-Kosovo Parliament’s Committee on Stabilisation-Association Agreement (SAA). Original post Here

Albania introduces Durres-Kukes road toll fees

Albanian authorities have introduced today the toll fees on the National Road between Durres and Kukes, which also links Albania to Kosovo. Original post Here

Region to benefit from Kosovo Army, says deputy minister

Kosovo Government approved last week a decision to transform the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), a lightly armed civilian force, into Army of Kosovo. The Government is expected to amend current law on KSF in order to give additional competencies to this force. The move is seen with scepticism by internationals …